Greater Works Than These

Address given at Colombo, Ceylon. 1926


I want all you people to have a good time, all to be at ease, all to be without pain, I want all to be free.

There is a man here with great pain in his head, I am going to lay my hands on him in the name of Jesus and he shall tell you what God has done, I believe that would be the right thing to do, before I begin to preach to you, to help this poor man so that he shall enjoy the meeting like us, without any pain.

(The man referred to was in pain with his head wrapped up in a bandage, and after be was prayed for testified that he had no pain.)

I want you all to be in a place where we receive much blessing from God. It is not possible for any of you to go out with pain, if you would only believe God, the Word of God if you receive it tonight, it is life, it gives deliverance to every captive. I want to preach the Word tonight so that all the people will know, you will go with a knowledge of the deliverance of God.

I want everyone to receive a blessing at the commencement of the meeting, no one person need to live out of the plan of God. If you have pain in your knee if you believe when you stand up as sure as you are there you will be free. I believe the Word of God. God has promised if we will believe we can have whatsoever we ask.

We want you to have it changed. The present tense tunes are better than future tense tunes. If you get a full salvation you will have a present tense tune. It is a good thing to be able to hope for sometimes… but it is a better thing to have it.

I used to hope and trust I would be baptised in the Holy Ghost, but, when I spoke in Tongues, no! when He spoke, then I knew I was baptised. Before, I used to hope it would be so. You cannot move a fact by an argument, when you get baptized in the Holy Ghost the Spirit speaks through you, then you know it is done-You Know the Comforter has come. Has He come to you? Has the Comforter come to you?

You must have Him, you must be filled with the Spirit, you must have an over- flowing, because Jesus says, after you have received the Holy Ghost ye shall have Power. We want you to have power.

Let us look at the Scriptures. Verily, verily I say that whatsoever you ask the Father in my name, I will do it, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If ye shall ask anything in my name I will do it – I WILL DO IT, who says it? JESUS, that blessed Jesus, that lovely Jesus, that incarnation from heaven, that blessed Son of God. How He wants to bless, how He saves to the uttermost, no one spoke like He spoke. How ? Come unto me all ye that are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest. Hear what Jesus says - I come not into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through me might be saved. How beautiful. Jesus wants us alt to be saved. Did you ever look at Him in His sympathy. Just take a vision of Him on Mount Olives and looking over Jerusalem weeping and saying Oh Jerusalem, Oh Jerusalem how often would I have gathered thee, and you would not. Shall it not be said of the people in Colombo, in Ceylon. How often would I have gathered thee as a hen gathered the chickens under her wings, and you would not. Will you. Hear what He said. WHATSOEVER YE SHALL ASK IN MY NAME I WILL DO IT. What do you want, how much do you want, do you want anything. Are you thirsty, are you hungry, Come unto me all that thirst and I will give you water of life, Are you hungry, he that eateth the flesh and drinketh the blood of the Son of man shall live for ever.

Do you want to live forever. Jesus who saves to the uttermost, He heals, He helps all that come to Him.

How many are coming for healing? How many for salvation? Listen - Whatsoever ye ask in my name I will do it, the Word of the living God, The Son of God. How beautifully God speaks of Him - This is my beloved Son, and yet He gave Himself for us, He gave Himself as ransom for us, Amen.

How many are going to receive Him? Take the Water of Life freely. You may say, how can I take Him. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved. What is it to believe. He that heareth my Word and believeth on Him that sent me hath everlasting life.

Who are the people that followed Jesus – they that love Him in their hearts. Do you love Him in your hearts. From this day if you do love Him you will begin to hate all kinds of sin and you will love all kinds of righteousness, that is the secret. The man that says he loves God and loves the world – he is a liar. God says the truth is not in him. If a man loves the world the love of the Father is not in him, and you can tell tonight whether you love God or not. Do you love the world, then the love of the father is not in you. If you hate the world, then the love of the Lord Jesus is in you. Hallelujah.

I want to make you love Him. Is He worth loving? What has He done? He bought salvation, He died to deliver, The wages of sin is death. The gift of God is eternal life.

I leave it with you. will you love Him, will you serve Him. Will you. He knows it He understands.

There's no one that loves me like Jesus,
There's no one that knows me like Him,
Be knows all your sickness He knows all your sickness
There's no one that knows me like Him.

That's what He says. COME UNTO ME. He knows you are needy.

I want you to be blessed now, I find I get blessed as I ask, in the street, everywhere. If you find me in the street or anywhere, if I am alone I shall be talking to God, I make it my business to talk to God all the time If I wake in the night I make it my business to pray and that’s the reason I believe that God keeps me right, always right, always ready. I believe that God the Holy Ghost keeps us living in communion with God.

I want you to begin now, begin talking to God.


John 14:12.
Jesus was the way and the truth, and therefore all that Jesus said was true. Jesus said truly, truly, if you believe greater works than these shall ye do because I go to the father. Has He gone? If I told you earthly things and left them - now I tell you heavenly things. The son of man is down, the son of man is up. The greatest and one of the deepest truths possible for the believer.

Do you see this Electric Light. That light is receiving power from the dynamo, it has a receiver and transmitter. The power house may be a mile or two away, the wires that are conveying the current to and from are covered. Where you are getting the light is bare wire, the juice is passing through the bare wire and gives you the light.

To bring it to you to night to understand the life in Christ. Jesus sends the light, and life through, and it illuminates the life then returns and just as you are holy inside, the revelation of God is made manifest and the life becomes full of illumination. My life is from Him, my life receives back to Him, and I am kept by the life of God.

I touch them and instantly they change. The Life of the Son of God goes through and passes on. I live by the faith of the Son of God.

He that believeth on Me - he that believeth. The devils believe and tremble. People follow Scripture as if it had nothing to do with it. The Scripture may be Life or letter. My spirit - my Word - what is the Word. It is spirit and life giving when we believe. What is believing, Believing is the asking of the divine life that God gives to Him. Who desires. Everyone in this place can have Divine Life.

We do not believe in baptismal regeneration. You cannot be saved by riches. Jesus says ye must be born again... The new birth comes through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and you can be saved in the field as well as in a church. It is the heart, when the heart desires after righteousness, God makes Himself known, so we want you to be saved by the Blood tonight. Someone says I want to be saved.. Shall I bring you to the Word, he that asketh receiveth, who says - Jesus says, he that asks receives.

If I ask Him to receive me
Will He say me nay,
Not till earth and not till heaven
Pass away.

Salvation is of the Lord. No man can save you, no man can heal you. If any one has been healed in these meetings it is the Lord that has healed them.

I would not take it under any circumstances that I can heal anybody, but I believe His Word - He that believeth on me greater works than these shall he do because I go to my Father. He is lovely, Lovely Jesus.

He knows it all, He knows it all,
My Father knows it all,
The bitter tears how fast they fall,
He knows, my Father knows it all.

Is not He lovely, if You get saved tonight you will have another song

He knows it all, He knows it all,
My father knows it all
The joy that comes that overflows
He knows, my Father knows it all.

Before I was baptised in the Holy Ghost, there were many songs I used to sing as they were written. God began a change; and He changed many songs. I believe God wants to change the Song in your heart.
He changed this song for me.

This is how it is sung,

Oh then it will be glory for me
It will be glory for me.

But God changed it,

Oh it is now Glory for me.
It is now glory for me,
As now by His grace I can look on His face,
Now it is glory, Glory for me.

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