Birth and boyhood

Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Healing ministry begins

1914 USA

1920 Switzerland

1921 Scandinavia

1922 Australia and New Zealand

1922 USA

1926 India and Ceylon

1927 Australia

1927 Los Angeles, USA

1930's-40's world travels

We have a total of over 330 similar reports on the CD ROM.



Smith Wigglesworth's family in about 1900

The Smith Wigglesworth CD includes Stanley Frodsham's classic biography, ‘Apostle of Faith,’ Pastor Harold V. Roberts ‘New Zealand’s Greatest Revival,’ plus 330 published reports of meetings and conventions from periodicals around the world. We have selected a few notable milestones from these publications to provide a brief insight into the life of this extraordinary man of God.

We have reproduced a few of these reports and stories to give you a flavour of what's on the CD Rom.