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Pentecost Magazine Collection 1947-1966


Author: Revival Library Books

This magazine was edited by Donald Gee (1891-1966) at the request of the World Pentecostal Conference in September 1946.

Donald Gee was a widely respected Bible teacher who had wide experience as an editor and as the writer of many books.

This periodical contains reports of Pentecostal activity from around the world, including the Healing Revival from 1947.

Gee began editing this paper at a time when Pentecostals from several different groups were seeking to meet on a regular basis with a view to working together while recognizing the distinct contribution of each group.

In the later issues, we see the emergence of the newer individuals and groups that were to be designated as "charismatic."

Gee's own response to such a development makes this paper highly important and it needs to be read by anyone interested in the growth of the Pentecostal/Charismatic Movement

One of Donald Gee's first biographers writing of these editorials said they were, "the most openly honest and perceptive pages in all Pentecostal literature."

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Book Title Pentecost Magazine Collection 1947-1966
Author Revival Library Books
Type Download
Date Published Jan 02, 2019


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