Report published in The Foursquare Crusader, p. 1 June 25, 1927


Smith Wigglesworth Does Honour to His Master, Jesus Christ

Evangelist Smith Wigglesworth, who will be in the midst at Angelus Temple July 3rd, is a strong and kindly man, made kindly, people say, by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. He has a strong voice but not uncontrolled, well controlled, evidently the result of much practice: and what a message rings forth from his mouth! It is direct from the heart and soul to a hungry audience.

His messages are simple so a child could follow him, but deep and searching, true to the Scriptures and telling of the deep things of God, gentle and tender to the weak, but true to the honour of his Master, the Lord Jesus Christ. He preaches “Salvation to every repentant sinner through the death of the Lamb of God”; “Holiness for all and healing for all through the Blood of the Lord Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit.

It is not so much the form of the message which he gives as the power with which he gives it. He just relates the story of the Saviour with the facts of which his whole being is filled and thrilled. His messages bring results which are seen to all present.

Angeles Temple
The 5,000-seat Angeles Temple with Aimee Semple McPherson

Students, members, friends, and workers pray that while Brother Wigglesworth is holding his campaign at the Temple there will be a mighty manifestation of God’ power to save precious souls and heal the sick through his ministry.

Every one is advised not to miss one meeting, but be on hand to receive great blessing from the Holy Word as expounded by this man of God.
(Used by permission: The Foursquare Church, Heritage Department)

* * *


Report published in The Foursquare Crusader, p. 1 July 9, 1927


Jerking off his coat, throwing, it over a chair in inspired faith. Wigglesworth ordered every person who is in pain and dares step out of (on?) God stand out in the aisle, march or be carried to the platform and pray!

The audience gasped! At first a few, but in a moment scores. In another moment hundreds were pressing their way toward the man who had thrown out the gauntlet. Everyone who expressed any active faith, testified that their pain and distress ware instantly removed. Many declared they had the witness of instantaneous healing.

Contrary to the opinion of critics, who think only nervous and minor ailments are aided by prayer, it was found that the diseases of the multitude who pressed upon Brother Wigglesworth were in the main desperate and chronic. Cancers, tumors, Bright’s Disease and anemia, tuberculosis, heart trouble, ulcers of the stomach—on and on the endless line came.

Here and there came on(e) whom the evangelist recognised was possessed with an evil spirit. In a commanding gesture, as of a prophet, by the living Word of God, in Scriptural recital, demons were cast out. diseases healed, peace spoken to troubled minds. Those who had not given their lives to God were pointed to the cleansing fountain of Calvary, praying first for their salvation, and afterwards for their healing.

Angelus Temple, with its ever orderly services, was still in order, for it was God’s order for this particular service.

Mighty days of blessing are in store. The sick are coming is they did to Jesus, and as they have done for many years to Sister McPherson. Prayer changes things, and Angelus Temple, both day and night, is sending up to God the incense of believing prayer. God’s arm is being laid there and H1s voice heard through the message of this man of God.

Planning a full time Brother Wigglesworth is speaking as per the following schedule:

Sunday - 10:30, 2:70, 7 P. M.
Tuesday, Wednesday,
Thursday and Friday - 10:30 A.M. and 7:30 P. M.
Wednesday afternoon — Divine Healing - 2:30 o’clock.

Monday and Saturday evenings the regular services will be conducted. Monday evening, organizations meet. Besides this a regular service is held in the new auditorium, followed by a prayer meeting in the 500 Room. Various ministers and evangelists will be in charge.

Each Saturday evening the regular service of Divine Healing will continue. This coming Saturday Mother Kennedy has consented to speak on “The Spirit’s Witness.” This in response to the request of many worker, as Mother said. “She is a better doer than talker.”
(Used by permission: The Foursquare Church, Heritage Department)

* * *

July 3-16 1927

Report published in The Foursquare Crusader, p. 1 July 16, 1927


Demons are cast out and sick bodies freed from disease and pain at the divine healing meeting. Brother Wigglesworth believes that God answers prayer, and proves it. “Faith is the victory,” He quoted, then demonstrated the truth of it by praying a sick sufferer well.

Brother Wigglesworth, as well as several persons in the audience, received wonderful messages. The interpretation brought marvelous blessing to the listeners.

Lord Casts Out Devil

One of the many beautiful messages interpreted by Brother Wigglesworth is herewith given to the CRUSADER readers:

“Why dost thou doubt when God, even the Lord, hath come to cast the devil out that you may know that you are free from all things by the blood of Jesus.”

In commenting upon this message in tongues, he said: “We are in a great place; the Lord is in the midst of us. You are to go away free.”

In speaking of tongues the evangelist announced that he would gladly give the interpretation if God gave it to him if any who had a message in the Spirit to give to the people. but if their speaking in tongues was in adoration of the Lord alone it was not interpretable and should preferably be spoken silently so that the meeting would not be interrupted.

Disease is Satan’s Power

After making the statement that disease comes through the powers of Satan, Bro. Wigglesworth told the following stories:

One day in England the Lord was greatly blessing me in praying for people who had a disease which was very common. The inside of the body became so inflamed with this disease that oftentimes the people would fall in the streets. This day, as we were singing in the meeting, a woman fell down on the floor. The people knew that this disease affected her so much that she was possessed that way. So in the name of Jesus I rebuked the demon power white they were singing and she rose up to joint with us in singing the last verse.

Three days afterwards she came to me and said. “Oh, how wonderful that I am so perfectly delivered! I haven’t a trace of that evil thing about me; I am so free. Oh, please give me some tracts, help me, for I must tell everybody.”
Schedule of Services at Angelus Temple
Schedule of services at Angelus Temple

I said. ‘Nothing can help you, nothing has helped you but this,’ holding out the Bible.

The devil cannot stand up under the Word. Jesus gave him a dose one time and he went away. The power of this risen Christ is to be so manifested in your mortal bodies that sin cannot have dominion.

(Used by permission: The Foursquare Church, Heritage Department)

* * *

July 3-16 1927

Report published in The Foursquare Crusader, p. 2 July 16, 1927


Smith Wigglesworth, world famed evangelist, has taken Angelus Temple by storm. He is a man of action. His methods are unique, but the results are to all appearances miraculous.

Quite a plain ordinary, distinctly English gentleman, both in appearance and accent, he unexpectedly sweeps an audience of its feet, by his power and vigor when he gets warmed up and swings into action.

He says he has no knowledge of being “in the body” so far as indigestion, aches, pains, or ills of any kind are concerned. One can well believe this as the address continues, and he sees for himself the amount of energy and sheer vitality used up by this man. He is man well past the fifty mark, I should say, but he possesses and uses up the energy of a man of thirty.

Speaker of Power and Assurance

He speaks with an assurance and authority that commands the respect and attention of his audience. When speaking of the Christ, his voice is soft and reverent, but in denouncing sin his voice rises and thunders forth as he shakes his fist in defiance of the devil.

Either he is a deep Bible student, or as he says, much is revealed to him by an unseen power, for his discourses in the deeper Bible study show a breadth, a depth and vision that are extraordinary. Passages of the Bible that puzzled the world seem most easily discerned by this man, and are explained in such a simple, straightforward, efficient manner that people hang upon his very words.

In the morning meeting questions were asked. It surely seemed that some of them must floor him, but his answers were quick, ready and to the point. There was a wisdom about them that reminds one of the wisdom of the Christ, when in speaking to those who sought to trap Him, He said, in regard to homage paid in coin of the realm, “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are Gods,”

During his discourses he speaks in “tongues.” and immediately afterward interprets in English, what he has said. Interpretation is often given also when people in the audience rise and speak in “tongues.”

Man of Action

When this man prays for the sick he gets right down to business. He rips off his coat and rolls up his sleeves. Lifting his hand to heaven he cries. “Are you ready!” If assent is given, he “lays hands upon the sick” and prays: then, with a cyclonic movement of the hands over the afflicted part or a resounding slap that can be distinctly heard) throughout the auditorium, he declares that they are “free,” and commands them to stoop and bend over or to run up and down the aisle, as the case may be. His methods are spectacular, strenuous, and often humorous, but the results seem to justify the means, for at the close of the service when he asks all those who have been healed to stand, literally hundreds leap to their feet.

In a meeting, one man said she was healed of a malignant growth and had lost 20 pounds in weight

Hear Wigglesworth

It is quite miraculous if real, and the earnest sincerity, the great faith of the man is the power of God, would lead even the most skeptical to give him the benefit of the doubt. He inspires an awe and reverence that would make one hesitate to do less. We predict overflow crowds for Angelus Temple.

If you want to see something distinctly different or hear something new, go hear this man, Wigglesworth. We pick him for a winner!

(Used by permission: The Foursquare Church, Heritage Department)

* * *

July 3-23 1927

Report published in The Foursquare Crusader, p. 1 July 23, 1927


Words are inadequate when expressing Brother Smith Wigglesworth and his sweet, matronly daughter, Sister Alice Salter. This lovely couple—father and daughter -- have worked together in the Lord’s vineyard and He has blessed them both. Mrs. Salter has accompanied her father on many of his campaigns and has aided greatly in giving sermons, offering prayers and helping with the sick who come for healing.

For many years Sister Salter has been a missionary with her husband in the darkened land of Africa, having established a work there thirteen years ago. After her marriage she went with her husband into the Belgian Congo.

Brother Wigglesworth and his daughter have been a blessing since they first came to Angelus Temple, for being so spirit-filled they have both helped to open hundreds of pairs of eyes of those who have not been able to see the Light of the Word of God; and to countless others they have spread a feast of good things from the Holy Bible.

Sister Salter said in a recent prayer:
We are a very needy people. Lord, but Thou art able to meet the need. We praise Thee for Thy love. All my weaknesses can be made strong by Thy might and power. Thou can undertake for us, whatever our need is. We stretch out our hand to Thee. Meet our need. Thou are the God of Strength.

“Jesus, Thou art the One mighty to save. We thank Thee because Thou hast died on Calvary and because Thou art able to remove any infirmity. let this be a time when Thy Word goes forth and heals the sick. Let Thy Word heal them as they hear, let it be a word of faith.”

‘If any man thirst, let him come unto me.’ We are coming. Lord. Satisfy our hungry souls; satisfy; O God, with Thy presence. Let this be a time when we see Thy Word with unclouded vision; We see Thy face and every cloud vanisheth. Have Thy way and Thou shalt have all the praise. Amen.”

Praise God for such people—missionaries, evangelists, and men and women of God such as Brother Wigglesworth and Sister Salter—for through their ministry hungry multitudes have been fed and brought closer to Jesus.

(Used by permission: The Foursquare Church, Heritage Department)

* * *

July 3-23 1927

Report published in The Foursquare Crusader, p. 7 August 6, 1927


“Just the same, just the same. He is just the same today.” Sang Brother Smith Wigglesworth very prayerfully at a recent morning meeting. The congregation with hands pointing heavenward, eyes closed and heads uplifted, sang forth the song, “Jesus, just the same.”

A wonderful manifestation of the Spirit is in evidence at the 10.30 morning meetings. The power of the Lord falls abundantly and souls are washed of all burdens as sweet words of praise flow from the hundreds of quivering lips, and it seems to every heart that the Saviour is walking in the midst.

The power of prayer has been proven over and over, and it is without one doubt that orison (Ed. prayer or petition) unto the Lord DOES changes things.

The entire school auditorium is ablaze with the fire of the Holy Spirit and although some may be first timers, they feel there is something there which they have not but are eager to receive.

That longing to be closer to the Lord is given an opportunity to be satisfied through these wonderful moments of prayer.

Yielding as an empty vessel to the blessed Holy Spirit, brother Wigglesworth brings forth words which are really not words alone, but “holy breathing” unto the Lord.

United under the blood stained banner of the Great General, the large number of men and women who crowd the school building, never leave the premises without proclaiming the time spent within the sacred walls of His Temple (was) time which may be treasured the rest of their days.

To those who have hesitated about coming to the morning meetings, let it be known “never put of for tomorrow that which you can do today.” Let nothing interfere with your hearing that wonderful man of God who has a real message for his congregation.

(Used by permission: The Foursquare Church, Heritage Department)

* * *

July 3-September 1927

Report published in The Bridal Call Foursquare, p. 12 September 1927


Commencing Tuesday morning and continuing until Friday every week, hundreds of people, hungry for a closer walk with God, gather in the spacious Bible School Auditorium where at ten-thirty each day, Brother Wigglesworth brings to them the Living Word of a True and Living God who is the same today as He was those many centuries ago when He called Peter and Andrew to leave their nets and follow Him.

Smith Wigglesworth at Angelus Temple
Smith in action at the morning feast

The packed ‘morning feast’ teaching services conducted at Angelus Temple

Time is of little consequence to those who listen to his inspiring messages. Truly they are a feast that no one can afford to miss, for each message which he gives is, in itself a feast sufficient to necessitate a week’s thought before it is completely absorbed.

These glorious meetings are an opportunity of a lifetime to those who would draw closer to God and better understand the Scriptures.

Brother Wigglesworth has a definite purpose in every message which he brings to the students and those who gather in these morning services - First of all, to increase their Faith. How vividly he imprints upon our memory the Scripture: “I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh, I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave Himself for me. “

The greatest purpose in these morning gatherings as in all of our meetings is, to lift those who listen to a higher spiritual plane - that each succeeding morning may find them rising to a greater height in Christ Jesus.

Where there is no progress in the spirituality of the soul it is a condition akin to backsliding - the soul must climb and continue in its upward ascent if the higher plane in which a life whose pathway follows that of the Master’s closely, is to be attained.

Brother Wigglesworth expounds the Scriptures in a way that none who listen will ever forget and it is with the deepest heartfelt appreciation that the people gather each day to imbibe the life-giving message which flows like a river from the depth of his soul.

This wonderful messenger of the Gospel of Jesus Christ says that nowhere in all the world has he ever felt the unction of the Holy Spirit as he has in Angelus Temple. The Third Person of the Godhead has been glorified in a mighty way during the past three weeks and thousands have been blessed and inspired and encouraged to ‘carry on’ whatever the cost may be and to go deeper with their Lord.

The glory of the Lord is coming down upon the redeemed and the saints of the Lord have been lifted from glory to glory in their experiences of active faith in Christ.

We thank God for sending this dear saint and his lovely daughter, Sister Alice Salter to us at this time. They have indeed been a blessing and the prayers of the multitudes who attend Angelus Temple rest ever upon their heads.

Sister Salter has been a missionary in Africa for thirteen years where, together with her husband, they have done much toward spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ in that darkened land.

We pray that God’s richest blessings will rest upon them in the days to come and that wherever the pathway of life leads, God will give them many souls for their harvest to be added to the thousands already in the storehouse of the Master.

(Used by permission: The Foursquare Church, Heritage Department)

* * *

July-October 1927

Report published in The Foursquare Crusader, p. 8 September 24, 1927


Smith Wigglesworth, the English evangelist, and his daughter, Alice Salter, missionary from Africa, both of whom of whom have been conducting services in Angelus Temple since the first of July, and have been assisting Sister McPherson with morning Bible Study classes are leaving this week for a short vacation at the beach.

The father and daughter have worked untiringly since being at the Temple, and hundreds have been blessed through their ministry. The Temple audiences have learned a great deal about missionary conditions in Africa through Sister Salter’s splendid lectures.

Brother Wigglesworth has endeared Himself to all Angelus Temple members and friends and after the first of October, when the two will return to the church, the evangelist plans to continue his morning meetings which have won favour with all.

(Used by permission: The Foursquare Church, Heritage Department)

* * *

October 26th – November 6th 1927

Announcement in Triumphs of Faith p. 238 October 1927

San Francisco, California

OCTOBER 26 -November 6

Our dear Brother, MR. SMITH-WIGGLESWORTH, has been holding Revival Meetings for several months in Angelus Temple, Los Angeles, with blessed results. Since then, he has held meetings in other cities of Southern California. In answer to many inquiries, we are glad to be able to announce the above campaign in San Francisco. His time here is limited, so we would advise our readers to make immediate arrangements to attend these precious meetings.

Friends who have just come up from Los Angeles tell us that Brother Wigglesworth’s ministry has been more wonderful than ever, and marvelous healings have been wrought through his “prayer of faith.”


Every day (except Monday) .
Morning service at 10:00 o’clock
Evening service at 7:30 o’clock.
Three services on Sund.
October 30 morning, afternoon, and evening.
Three services on Sunday, November 6

All these meetings are to be held in Glad Tidings Temple, 1441 Ellis
Street, near Webster Street. San Francisco, California.

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