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Pastor George Stormont.
Four talks originally released as a four tape boxed set but more recently made available as individual tapes, CDs and on a single mp3 format CD. In later life Smith Wigglesworth became a guest speaker at George Stormont’s church in Leigh-on-Sea Essex, UK, thus beginning a close relationship which lasted until his home call some seven years later.
The four talks included on these recordings were given by Pastor Stormont in Seattle in 1984 and complement his book ‘Wigglesworth-A Man Who Walked with God.’ (See Biographies).

Tape 1. ‘The Man.’ (Duration 52 mins.)
Introduction to the series of talks. Wigglesworth a direct man. A man of compassion, truth and generosity. His pursuit of holiness. His limitations. Insights into his faith.

Tape 2. ‘Man of one Book.’ (Duration 53mins.)
Wigglesworth’ s love for, and his confidence in, the word of God. Only one book he has ever read – the Bible. His understanding of scripture. The growth of faith. Speaking and and singing in the Spirit.

Tape 3. ‘Life in the Spirit.’ (Duration 55mins.)
Wigglesworth’s life in victory. Continual communion with God. Breaking of bread. Praising God. Ministering in the Spirit. Imparting blessing in a meeting.

Tape 4. ‘Soul Winner and Minister of Divine Healing.’ (Duration 52mins.)
Wigglesworth’s evangelism when he was a member of the Salvation Army. His worldwide evangelism. Revival in New Zealand. Open air healings in Sweden. His belief in God’s healing power.


(Available on tape and CD. Duration 75mins.) Flower Pentecostal Heritage Centre.
Albert Hibbert shares his reminiscences of his good friend Smith Wigglesworth in this sermon which was recorded in 1972. See also Albert Hibberts book ‘Smith Wigglesworth-The Secret of His Power.’


(Available on tape, CD and video. Duration 42mins.)
Dr Lester Sumrall shares his experiences of a close personal relationship with Smith Wigglesworth. He discloses intimate spiritual insights gained from times regularly spent with Wigglesworth at his Bradford home over a two year period leading up to the outbreak of WWII. (see also Videos.)


(Available on tape and CD. Duration 53mins.)
A sermon given by David du Plessis in 1970 in which he speaks on the prophecy given to him by Smith Wigglesworth concerning the greatest revival of all time. A transcript of the sermon is included in the book ‘The Smith Wigglesworth Prophecy and the Greatest Revival of All Time.’ (see Biographies).

‘CONFIDENCE’ 1908-1926.

Revival Library, King’s Centre, High St., Bishop’s Waltham, Hants., SO32 1AA. UK. also produced by Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center, Springfield, Missouri, 65802, USA.

‘Confidence’ is a valuable source of information on Smith Wigglesworth; especially since it was first issued at the time when his ministry began to rapidly develop. It includes sermons, news reports, travel updates, announcements, convention reports and other articles relating to Wigglesworth. Some 80 issues of ‘Confidence’ include over 100 references and 13 sermons spanning a period of 18 years provide an invaluable insight into the life and ministry of the evangelist. Available online from our shop.

‘THE ELIM EVANGEL’ 1919-1934.

The Elim Evangel

(Double CD). Revival Library, King’s Centre, High St., Bishop’s Waltham, Hants., SO32 1AA. UK. Available online from our shop.

Although much of the UK reporting on Smith Wigglesworth occurred in ‘Confidence’ and ‘Redemption Tidings’ there are a number of references to him in ‘The Elim Evangel’. These include advertisements for his publications, convention announcements and news reports. In addition there is much material by his contemporaries including George Jeffreys and other Pentecostal Pioneers.

‘FLAMES OF FIRE’ 1911-1917.

Revival Library, King’s Centre, High St., Bishop’s Waltham, Hants., SO32 1AA. UK. Available online from our shop.

This CD contains a collection of the little known magazines which were the main organ of the Pentecostal Missionary Union (PMU). They were published from 1911 until the mid-1920s. Copies up to 1917 have been placed on the CD whilst later copies have yet to be located. Smith Wigglesworth, who was for time a member of the PMU, contributed to the magazine and included six of his earlier sermons.
Flames of Fire


Smith Wigglesworth – A Master of the Age by Michael Bower     

Michael Bower. 45pp. Flower Pentecostal Heritage Centre, Springfield, Missouri, USA.

A project report examining the historical context within which Smith Wigglesworth lived and ministered. In addition, a Wigglesworth ‘meeting’, his international ministry and his legacy are discussed.


(10 CD set or 1 DVD). Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center, Springfield, Missouri, USA.

‘The Pentecostal Evangel’ was the official journal of the US Assemblies of God. For nearly 30 years it was edited by Smith Wigglesworth’s good friend Stanley H Frodsham. It contains more than 50 sermons by Wigglesworth in addition to many other news items, reports and announcement relating to him.
    The Pentecostal Evangel


Redemption Tidings
(Single CD). Revival Library, King’s Centre, High St., Bishop’s Waltham, Hants., SO32 1AA. UK. Available online from our shop.
Following the last issue of ‘Confidence’ in 1926 ‘Redemption Tidings’ had emerged as the official magazine of the Assemblies of God in Great Britain and Ireland. This became a primary publication for reporting Wigglesworth’s activities and included some 60 of his sermons during the period covered by the CD. It also included testimonies, teachings, sermons and other articles relating not only to Wigglesworth but to many of his well known contemporaries such as W F P Burton, Stephen Jeffreys and Donald Gee.

‘TRIUMPHS OF FAITH’ 1881-1949.

(Double CD). Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center, Springfield, Missouri, USA.

The Editor of ‘Triumphs of Faith’, Carrie Judd Montgomery was a close friend of Smith Wigglesworth and published more than 40 of his sermons in the magazine over the period from 1914 to 1946. In addition, there are many news reports, announcements and advertisements for Wigglesworth’s sermon collection ‘Ever Increasing Faith’.
    Triumphs of Faith

‘WORD AND WORK’ 1899-1940.

Word and Work     

(Single CD). Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center, Springfield, Missouri, USA.

‘Word and Work’, edited by Samuel G Otis (1842-1926), promoted Pentecostal meetings and churches in the New England area of the USA. It included meetings with Maria Woodworth Etter, Aimee Semple MacPherson and Smith Wigglesworth. In particular it featured Wigglesworth’s sermons, meeting reports, announcements and publication adverts.


(Single CD). Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center, Springfield, Missouri, USA.

Assemblies of God ‘Heritage’ is a journal devoted to Pentecostal origins, miracles, evangelism, missions, doctrinal issues and the pioneers. There are a number of references to Wigglesworth including the two-part paper ‘The Making of Smith Wigglesworth’ by David Dorries. In addition, Wigglesworth’s contemporaries, such as Donald Gee, are featured.
    AOG Heritage


Wigglesworth Collection

(Single CD). Ladydog Productions, P O Box 7843, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma 74013, USA and

A collection of over 300 Smith Wigglesworth documents including sermons, Bible studies and news items. This CD is unsearchable and has only ‘raw’ digitised photocopies.