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Confidence Magazine Collection


Author: Revival Library Books

Confidence', the first official magazine of the early British Pentecostal Movement, covering the years 1908-1926, has now been digitized and organised in this collection

The 140 issues, containing more than 2,700 pages, tell the exciting story of the early growth of the Pentecostal Movement, not only in Britain but also in many other parts of the world. The teachings and ministry of many early Pentecostal pioneers like Alexander Boddy, George Jeffreys, Steven Jeffreys, and Smith Wigglesworth are reported in these pages. Also, the vital work of the Pentecostal Missionary Union is reported revealing the strong missionary emphasis of Britain's early Pentecostals.

This collection is sent via an email link, usually between 1-8 hours after purchase.


Book Title Confidence Magazine Collection
Author Revival Library Books
Type Download
Date Published Jan 02, 2019


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