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Smith Wigglesworth – The Ultimate Collection


Author: Revival Library Books

The most comprehensive collection of Wigglesworth source materials ever produced including sermons, reports, letters, and more.

Smith Wigglesworth was a straight-talking Yorkshire lad with little education, no training, and no credentials, but he shook the earth with his miracle-producing faith. For four decades spectacular healings and deliverances followed his preaching of the Gospel in many nations of the world. Thousands were converted leaving new and revived churches everywhere he visited.

Never before has such a vast collection of Wigglesworth source materials been gathered together.

In the Collection:

Every original sermon produced (237)

Every original report of meetings, conventions, healings, etc. (330)

All known correspondence (59) First-ever accurate timeline

Four complete books, two sermons, a biography, and a history of the New Zealand revival.

Bibliography of every book, video, and tape ever made about Wigglesworth.


Book Title Smith Wigglesworth - The Ultimate Collection
Author Revival Library Books
Type Download
Date Published Jan 02, 2019


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