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The Works of Alexander Boddy


Author: Revival Library Books

The works of Alexander Boddy, the ''Father of British Pentecostalism," editor of Confidence Magazine and host of the Sunderland Convention 1908-1914.

Alexander A. Boddy, an Anglican vicar, well deserves the name 'The Father of British Pentecostalism.'

It was his vision that prompted him to invite Thomas Ball Barratt to Britain to minister the 'Baptism in the Holy Spirit' to hungry hearts at a time when the laying on of hands, speaking in tongues and spiritual gifts were comparatively unknown in the nation.

He became the editor and publisher of the first Pentecostal magazine 'Confidence' (1908-1926) and initiated the first Charismatic convention in his Sunderland church (1908-1914). It was here that young men destined to become leaders of the Movement in years to come, were nurtured into mature Pentecostal pioneers.

His wise leadership and his insistence on Biblical order and practice guaranteed the protection and growth of the vulnerable movement.

This collection contains all the Alexander A. Boddy material that is still in existence including his six travel books and all the topical spiritual writings he penned.

In addition we have added three personal letters from him, three booklets by his wife, Mary, and her eulogy written by their daughter.

Furthermore we have included extensive original images and notes on the Sunderland Convention, All Saints Church, Monkwearmouth and Pittington Church where he finally died.

This collection is sent via an email link, usually between 1-8 hours after purchase.

Book Title The Works of Alexander Boddy
Author Revival Library Books
Type Download
Date Published Jan 02, 2019


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