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Elim Evangel Collection 1919-1934


Author: Revival Library Books

This Elim Evangel Collection contains 9,600 pages of The (British) Elim Pentecostal Church's official magazine which began in December 1919.

We have included all the editions up to December 1934 on these two collections. They contain testimonies and teachings from the most exciting period of Pentecostal growth in the UK.

The amazing and miraculous campaigns of George Jeffreys are given extensive coverage and there are reports of some key events like the UK visit of Lewi Pethrus in 1924 and Aimee McPherson's two UK visits, including the Royal Albert Hall meetings in 1926 and 1928.

The magazines are peppered with well-documented and dramatic healings, campaigns, church plantings and so forth. An essential and complete run of magazines from 1919-1934 for those desiring to understand the beginnings of British Pentecostalism.


Book Title Elim Evangel Collection 1919-1934
Author Revival Library Books
Type Download
Date Published Jan 02, 2019


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